"Death Entices Us"

Creator: Matt Jary
Age rating: 13 and older
Synopsis: The film consists of a rock band of 4 members known as "Death Entices Us". They are an extremely popular band who have thousands of fans all over the world who don't expect a thing. But they turn out to be cannibalistic psychopaths who kidnap, torture and murder their own fans, without anyone suspecting a thing.

One night however, one of the fans discovers the horrifying nature of the band and manages to escape their demented clutches before going into hiding. She becomes obsessed with this band and refuses to keep this hidden knowledge to herself, so she decides to make a stand against the members of "Death Entices Us" to protect her friends and seek justice against those that she has lost. She does this by alerting the authorities as quickly as she can. However she does not have enough evidence for anything to be proved yet, but this raises the attention of the band so they must plan to seek her out and finish off what they started if they're willing to remain free of the law.

After a series of planning, the band gets the youngest member to try and murder this young girl by befriending her so he can take her somewhere isolated so he can violently murder her. However, after gathering some background information on the girl and getting to know her, the youngest member of the band ends up falling in love with this girl. After the band member confesses to her what he was forced into doing, the girl takes advantage of this and ends up be manipulating him into killing all his fellow band members to keep the girl alive.

Yet once he manages to pick off the rest of the band one by one, the girl finally takes action and the truth is finally revealed and the youngest member is arrested and sent to prison for his crimes, which leads to him being torn away from this girl. He realises that he was just a piece in her game and he ends up going insane through rage and regret within the prison as the film draws to a close.

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