Creator: Trina Sedgwick
Age rating: 13 and older
Agent Nick Michaels searches for answers behind his wife's murder; not from a terrorist bombing ,as they led him to believe, but from the one man he's sworn to protect WITHOUT QUESTION--the President of the United States.
Synopsis: AGENT NICK MICHAELS, on medical leave from the Secret Service, suffers the devastating lost of his wife from a terrorist bombing at the Pentagon. When he arrives at George Washington hospital he finds evidence that suggest her death wasn't the result of the terrorist attack at all.

Betrayed, he confronts DIRECTOR RYAN CROCKER, head of the Secret Service with his suspicions. His insubordination causes Nick to be demoted to the Park Police. Still pursuing his investigation Nick is now assigned to horse patrol where he and his partner LORENZO MARTUCCI cover a rally at the Ellipse; putting him in the crosshairs of the terrorist FAHEED AL-JAFAR. Who learns that he and Nick have a common enemy, the President of the United States.

Without hard evidence Nick enlists his friend AGENT BRYCE ADAMS with help locating a video that will prove PRESIDENT COLLINS is responsible for his wife's death. Faheed contacts the agency taunting Nick into coming after him. Subsequent findings show that ZADARI AL-JAFAR, not his dead brother Faheed is the mastermind behind the attempts on Collins, Nicks injuries and the Pentagon attack.

Zadari murder his co-hort KHALID and switches identities. With everyone now believing he's dead he's free to go after both Nick and the President. He kidnaps Nick and plans to use him as the scapegoat in the assassination of President Collins. Nick escapes and follows Zadari to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, where Collins is scheduled to speak. The ensuing battle results in Zadari hanging from the National Christmas tree, dead.

With Zadari dead Nick retrieves the video and has it aired on national television. The shame and guilt proves to much for President Collins and he tries to commit suicide. Nick prevents it just in time, not wanting Collins to get off easy. Finally, justice prevails as President Collins is dragged off into custody.

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