The Candlewick Question

Creator: Linda J. Brown
Age rating: Everyone
Candalaria is a wax universe, populated by candles who believe their wick is for making hairdos. Katya upsets their self-centered life by insisting the wick is meant for nobler things. The answer brings havoc and a total rethinking of their Purpose of Life.
Synopsis: The Candlewick Question is an animated musical for every age, even the youngest, who already know what birthday candles are for. Kids everywhere are question-crusaders until shut down by weary adults and they know all about the bullying that follows when one of them refuses to conform.

“What is the purpose of my wick?” asks little Katya, a resident of Candalaria, an all-candle universe, where everyone knows that the wick is meant for only one thing – making beautiful hairdos. But she won’t stop belaboring the point. “Stupid, dumb Katya!” In a land that forbids fire, how can a candle discover its true purpose? She spends her young life trying to find out and she gets far more than she bargained for.

It starts with innocent questions and a refusal to style her wick, leading to bullying from fellow students. Things get serious when her curiosity about the forbidden fire marks her as a terrorist and she’s committed to an asylum, Nirvana, where other firebugs (Ninja Monks and a wise medicine woman) have been imprisoned for decades. Aided by her dog and some helpful Condor birds, the group escapes and Katya resumes her quest for answers. Things come to a rousing conclusion when she meets White Candle, who teaches her that the purpose of a candle is to sacrifice itself for others who live in a greater dimension.

Havoc reigns in Candalaria on the day that Katya demonstrates her true purpose to her fellow Candalarians, some of whom also catch fire with the news. In a surprise twist, their close connection with the giants in the greater (human) dimension suddenly becomes up close and personal when those candles who have learned their purpose are used in a Mexican wedding ceremony.

The story deals with concepts such as: the purpose of life, sacrifice for others, the Hundredth Monkey Story, the value of questions, the Creator, and life in multiple, simultaneous, dimensions. There’s plenty of meat for older minds, but it’s couched in a way that any four-year-old can follow

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