The Painting

Creator: Norma DAguilar
Genre: Horror
Age rating: Everyone
The beautiful painting is a must have for her teenage child who suffers a life of pain, for the petrified mother, getting rid of of this evil can't be soon enough.
Synopsis: Samuel is a fisherman and undercover dealer in stolen art and abuser of women. Amber is one of eight siblings. She marries Samuel, unaware of his undercover dealings and his viloent nature. He tells her to get pregnant as soon as the wedding is over. Amber recalls sitting up nights with her sibblings while her single mother works. She tells him she is not ready for children. He forces himself on her and she is pregnant. She threatens to abort the child, Samuel is angry and fights with her. He leaves for his fishing trip and dies at sea that same day.
The child is now fifteen, and an art lover like her father.
Mother and child go to a yard sale. The child sees a painting of a lighthouse and falls in love with it. She pleads with her mother to buy the painting. Remembering her attempts to abort the pregnancy, Amber looks at the child's tears and buys the painting. But as soon as it gets in the home it begins to terrorize the mother. It talks to the child in languages that the mother can't comprehend. Teach her to dance to sexy music and defy her mother. It flashes lights and fills the house with the sound of the sea.
Amber responds by cutting it to pieces, giving it away, leaving it in dumpsters, even burning it, but eventually finds it back by her fireplace. Seeking answers to the haunting, Amber goes to her husband's old gambling and drinking places. Here he learns the awful truth about her husband.
She speeds home to find the child missing. The child turns up much later, dirty, grimy and green. She shoves her mother aside, goes to the painting and is pulled into the artwork by disembodied hands as the mother looks on.
She kicks and hits the painting in an effort to get the child out. Failing to get the child out, she calls the Police. All they could see is a disheveled screaming woman with multiple burns on her body. The crew believes she is on drugs and takes her to the hospital where she is later admitted as insane.

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  • Storyboard 1 - A mother buys haunted painting
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    Creative Notes:
    Samuel wants a wife and a child to please his doting mother. Amber must get away from a home of twelve siblings and uses Samuel as her means to escape. Samuel demands that she gets pregnant immediately,Amber refuses. Samuel forces himself on her and she's pregnant. She tries to abort it. Samuel, a fisherman and undercover art thief dies at sea and returns to haunt Amber.
  • Script 2 - Norma's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Name change and re edited

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