Creator: W D B
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 13 and older
'SWISH' is a tale that follows Chris 'Swish' Jackson, an emerging young black basketball star being raised in white suburbia.
Synopsis: Spanning over more than a decade, 'SWISH' is a coming of age tale that follows Chris 'Swish' Jackson, a sharp young black basketball star, as he struggles with love, rivalry, and his attempts to define himself on the court as well as in the snide white suburbs that he and his family call home.

Second Round - 2012 Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab
Semi-Finalist – 2010 Creative World Awards
Semi-Finalist – 4th Annual MABFF Screenplay Competition
Honorable Mention – 2009 Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition.
Finalist – 8th Annual Urban Media Makers Screenplay Competition.
Top Finalist 2009 - Red Inkworks Screenwriting Contest.
Honorable Mention – 2008 Bare Bones International Screenwriting Competition.
Second Round Qualifier – 2008 FilmMakers.com Screenwriting Competition
Semi-Finalist in 2008 WriteMovies.com International Writing Competition.
Runner-up in The BHERC National Screenwriting Competition.

Latest Work

  • Script 2 - Rick's 1st Draft
    Creative Notes:
    My revision has stayed true to the original script. I have made a couple major changes. First, I enhanced the frustration of an African-American living in a predominantly white neighborhood. I wanted it to have more of a "A Raisin In The Sun" kind of feel. Also, I changed Sara to a white girl. I thought this helps tackle the issue of racism and the hardships of having an inter-racial relationship.

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