The Secret Adventures Of Arthur Tooting

Creator: A.D.S Ayrton
Age rating: Everyone
Pre WWI action and adventure as Arthur Tooting a young London policeman is recruited into the secret service bureau and despatched to stop foreign agents who are intent to bring forward the inevitable conflict across Europe by stealing Britain's most advanced Military asset.
Synopsis: It is a fast paced period action adventure set in 1912 based on the formation of the Secret Service Bureau combating foreign agents before the first world war.

An ambitious plot to steal a technological superior weapon is being carried out right under the noses of the British Government. The fledgling bureau recruits Arthur Tooting a young police constable who's natural instincts and raw potential do on some occasions get him into trouble.

Tooting along with the feisty Elizabeth Berkley, the often dour Brown and the only man who seems to see past Arthur's sometimes over exuberance Captain Vernon Kell the real life head of the secret service bureau, battle the ambitious Captain Goltz, a German naval captain and agent who feels even though Kaiser Wilhelm II is building a military force to match the British empire, the inevitable conflict needs to be brought forward at any cost.

A mix of action, drama and humour. The Secret Adventures of Arthur Tooting is the first of a planned six stories with a 90+ minutes running time excluding commercials.

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