Medusa's Freshman Year

Age rating: Everyone
Aphrodite, Athena and Medusa invade a Big Ten college campus during football season, and trigger the terrifying birth of Taidon - the Colossal (New) King of the Monsters!
Synopsis: Zeus is up to his old tricks, shape-shifting at will and taking lovers wherever and whenever he wants, until an act of blasphemy motivates Medusa, and Aphrodite and Athena to turn the tables on their King and transport down to the raucous campus of Blue State University. "Medusa's Freshman Year", Book One, is a cross between @Avengers, "Girls Gone Wild" and "Clash of the Titans". Wildly inventive, this fantasy-romance, action-thriller screenplay is very well situated to accurately reflect the sure-to-continue movement towards female fronted programs that appeal to men without alienating women moviegoers. In the same vein as "Harry Potter", "Hunger Games", “The Fast and the Furious” and other original tentpole franchises, this first offering in Medusa's PG-13 “ground-up” distinctive trilogy should generate tremendous appeal to the 18-49 demographic, with solid prospects for above-the-line international box office appeal - including European and Asian markets.

Love, adventure and suspense propels both Gods and Mortals to a new universal beginning @MedusaFreshman #MedusaClimaxTrilogy

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