I Wish

Creator: Noel Farrell
Age rating: 17 and older
A family facing ruin in recessionary Ireland have a stroke of luck with devastating consequences.
Synopsis: I Wish is a tense thriller set against the backdrop of the sleepy Irish village of Edenmore.

Ireland is in recession and Brian Ramsey is feeling the pinch. His restaurant business is struggling and the banks are tightening up. His wife Kate depends on her faith to get by life’s little tests, none so more at the moment than a daughter on the cusp of a rebellious stage and a sister who always seems to be there. Son Frankie looks forward to getting away from it all to Dublin where he looks forward to studying as a Doctor.

I Wish is an exploration into the darker side of luck and it’s effects on one particular marriage, family and community as they are all thrown into the spotlight when someone wins a huge amount of money and the search begins to uncover the mystery winner.

Set over a period of one week, I Wish takes you in and refuses to release you through a web of lies, deceit, greed and murder all the way to its devastating and horrific ending.

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