Selective Memory

Creator: Glen A Bramlitt
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
An unlucky life insurance salesman fakes amnesia in order to escape everything that is going wrong in his life, but must do it convincingly enough to keep a former mob boss from wanting to collect on a policy and the fraud division and FBI from thinking he’s in on it.
Synopsis: The last year and a half has been hell for Zach Wilson and all he wants to do is to forget it ever happened. How do you make that happen? Fake amnesia of course.

Zach, a life insurance salesman, seems to have everything going wrong in his life. The brunt of office pranks, big work load, and now his highest profile client, a former mob boss, is suddenly presumed dead. Now the nephews of the recently deceased is looking to cash in on a cool fifty million dollars. Zach just wants to make it all go away.

Zach takes advantage of an accident after hearing he could be suffering from some brain damage. Who needs Calgon when you can just fake it?

All seems to be going as planned, but even though you can ignore the problems with fake amnesia - it doesn’t mean they don’t go away. The mob still wants their money and now the fraud division of the insurance company he works for and the FBI suspect him of working with the mob in an insurance scam.

Now Zach must figure out how to continue his charade and make it convincing enough to keep his sanity before he really loses his mind!

Latest Work

  • Script 2 - Glen's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Correctly formatted after it was brought to my attention. Unfortunately, none of the current screenplay writing programs successfully export .rtf files.

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