Beer Golf

Creator: Phil Haney
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
College hipsters Richard and Eric compete in a weekend long Beer Golf competition where they not only must drink one beer a bar as part of the tournament but challenge each other to “score” with as many girls as possible. Their game has consequences no one can imagine.
Synopsis: Beer Golf follows the story of Eric and Richard, two college buddies who thought they had it all until their girlfriends dumped them on the same day.

College; a place where young men and women go to study fine literature, advance the pursuit of applied science and partake in the time honored tradition of drinking until you black out. For suave ladies men Eric and Richard, college life couldn’t get sweeter. They were popular, enjoyed a healthy partying schedule and dated two gorgeous co-eds respectively Susan and Michelle. That was until on the eve of their college town’s annual Beer Golf Tournament both of their girlfriends broke up with them on the same day. In this situation there is only one thing the pair could do; get stinking drunk.

While wallowing in their red plastic beer cups at a kegger party they meet up with the beautiful Danielle who has the eye of Eric who’s trying desperately to put Susan out of his mind. They discover Danielle is already enlisted to play Beer Golf by the likes of Chad and Barry; a pair of your typical frat boys. They challenge Eric and Richard to a duel of gullets; play against their team in the Beer Golf Tournament and may the best man win.

The rules are simple; 18 bars, 18 beers, the first team to have each member finish a beer at each hole wins. Simple enough. So why not spice things up a little? In order to show up their ex’s Richard proposes a challenge; Not only play in the Beer Golf tournament, but Eric and Richard must ‘score’ with as many co-eds as possible. So the game is on: They join up with Wang, the ‘Mr. Miyagee of beer’ as their ringer and set out to drink, “score” and win.

What their opponents don’t know is the dire consequences that their game will have…..

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  • Test Movie 1 - Short Film based on Beer Golf
    Creative Notes:
    This short film, "THE KEGGER" is based on the feature script "BEER GOLF" following the same characters and story arch but in a smaller span of time and taking place at one location: a kegger party. The feature version will expand this premise to take place during the Beer Golf tournament at multiple bars.