The Widow Springer

Age rating: 13 and older
What do a former East German Security thug, the widow of an East German Security clerk, and an American CIA officer have in common? The answer is a shared destiny precipitated by the sudden collapse of the Berlin Wall.
Synopsis: East Berlin, 1989, the collapse of the Berlin Wall. JOACHIM RUNDLE, an East German Security (Stasi) policeman in his late thirties/early forties, suddenly finds he is out of work -- beating up dissidents for the East German government.

Heading out of Berlin to lay low, he spots ANDREA SPRINGER, a widow whose husband and Joachim once played on the same Stasi soccer team. Out in the country, Joachim finds out that even the Russian Army -- which ensures the East Germans' loyalty -- is collapsing. He heads back to the city, determined to survive.

Joachim contrives to meet Andrea and asks her out. At first she refuses, but Joachim courts her assiduously, and they become lovers. Meanwhile Andrea's friend, PROFESSOR TRUDE GRENZLER, gets Andrea a job with the committee which is reconstructing the Stasi files.

MARK ROGERS, a US intelligence officer, comes from Washington to search Berlin for Joachim. At the same time, Joachim is trying to erase the record of his Stasi activities. He succeeds in starting a fire in the file room under cover of a demonstration outside Stasi headquarters; his old boss chooses to die in the flames rather than face the new Germany.

Mark appears at Andrea's door. He tells her he is investigating her husband's death, and asks her if she knows Joachim. She admits to recognizing him as an old co-worker and soccer buddy of her husband -- that's all. Mark wines and dines Andrea, taking her back to his hotel room where they make love. Andrea sees his finger has the indentation left by a wedding ring.

Mark spots Joachim, and the two agents play hide-and-seek across Berlin. Finally Joachim ambushes Mark, jams his gun into Mark's face, and says, "I told you never to come looking for me again." Mark is a double agent -- Joachim murdered Andrea's husband to keep Mark from being exposed! Joachim is ready to kill Mark, but Mark convinces Joachim that Mark will get Joachim to Cuba. Joachim agrees to meet Mark in two days.

At her job at the old Stasi headquarters, Andrea surreptitiously searches the files. After finding her husband's file and learning the truth, Andrea calls Mark and tells him where Joachim can be found. In return, Mark promises to take Andrea to the West.

Andrea goes to say goodbye to her friend Trude. When there is no answer, Andrea opens the door to find Trude has shot herself. A suicide note confesses that Trude had been an informer for the East German government. Andrea takes Trude's gun.

In the early dawn Joachim warms himself at a trash-barrel fire. Mark appears and says he has documents for Joachim to get to Cuba. Joachim lets up his guard for a second -- Mark gets behind him half a step, pulls out a silenced pistol and kills Joachim.

Mark looks up to see Andrea coming toward him with her suitcase. He is surprised. "I told you to wait for me at my hotel." She replies: "Joachim only pulled the trigger. You killed my husband." She points Trude's gun at Mark's face and fires. Andrea walks off to freedom in West Berlin.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Phyllis's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    We have gone through many revisions in order to capture the period right after the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989. As the wall crumpled, past betrayals by neighbors, lovers, spouses sprang into light.