Vampire's Shadow

Age rating: Everyone
After a vampire’s bite, Lennard Goost, a praised novelist, has to fight against the beast that rears up inside of him. Thereby he is being confronted with traumatic experiences of his past and entraps himself in a network of truth and illusion.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: A nerve-splitting horror-thriller that makes it hard to decide what is real and what is fiction. When pain devours everything till nothing’s left anymore. When agony forces your heart to bleed. Take good care of the shadow right next to you.


Grace of the night fall upon my head
So I can bear the beauty of the morning.

A seven-year old girl sits alone with an obstrusive stranger at a bus stop.
Lennard Goost, a praised novelist is obsessed with a traumatic event in his past. He has lost grip on his life. There is a pain he is unable to oppress brewing in his chest. During a reading, the unfathomable happens: Lennard’s chest starts to bleed without apparent reason.
Medical examinations remain without indication. Lennard is in rude health. His heart will not stop bleeding from now on.
One night he meets the Baroness Bathony. She is a vampire, and even though she is surrounded by a perceptible threat, Lennard is unable to captivate from her spell.
Being bound by her promise to have the answers to all his questions, he devotes himself to her bite.
From this moment onward, Lennard passes through the transfer of becoming a vampire. He can feel the beast rebelling inside. It is hard to fight back.
Again and again he meets mysterious creatures like Dead Bones (the personification of Death) and Old Tom, an old man who seems to be completely spaced out, sitting at a bus stop and staring at something in the dark. Something, that is yet unvisible to Lennard’s eyes.
Thanks to Maria, a young vampire who has a lust for life, Lennard finds out that everyone who is being bit by the Baroness mutates into lurid beasts. They lose their shadows and with them their souls. There is only one way for Lennard to save his soul. He has to get bit by a different demon before his transfer is complete. A demon that rivals for his body with the Baroness.
Maria takes him to her father, the Vampire King. From then on, fate is being tempted. Lennard loses control over himself and his body. He gets mired in the network of truth and illusion. His shadow menaces to loosen itself and an overwhelming rage seethes in him. But he has to realize that the key to his rescue lies buried in his past. The confrontation with the past is his only chance to heal.

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