A series of mysterious events leaves the crew of a mortuary vessel stranded on an arctic planet, where a supernatural entity with the power to raise the dead seeks to use them for its own purposes.
Synopsis: Garth Adams and Vance Montcalm--crew members aboard the mortuary vessel Our Lady of Mercy--awake from a cryogenic sleep to find themselves in a world of trouble. Their captain is dead and they have veered off course into a desolate region of outer space. Beyond the reach of an outpost, their only hope is to land on a mysterious uncharted planet. If only one of them knew how to fly the ship...

There is an unexpected addition to the crew as Garth and Vance encounter a stowaway hiding within the morgue--a beautiful young militant identifying herself as "Sam." Though they find themselves on opposing sides of a bitter conflict, the three lay their differences aside for the sake of survival. In a harrowing landing sequence, Garth and Sam each take a turn at the controls as the ship touches down roughly on the planet surface, damaging the landing gear and destroying the communications satellite.

The planet has the appearance of an arctic wasteland and our protagonists now face the threat of starvation with stores of food in short supply. Their attention is drawn to a point along the horizon, where a peculiar green light radiates brilliantly. Investigating its source, Garth and Sam discover a tropical forest in the middle of the frozen tundra. Inside the forest lies an enigmatic orb inhabited by an intelligent life force. Its vast power proves dangerous when misused. In a fast-paced conclusion, our heroes will battle a malevolent horde of the undead while acquiring insight into mankind's oldest enigma: The origin of life itself.

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