After Death

Creator: M. T.L.
Age rating: 13 and older
Wandering aimlessly in this ravaged city, your body has changed into something - different, something you have no control of. No sense of time and lost in your own body, your head throbs in pain as it generates random memories. And why are those people shooting at you?
Synopsis: "Solitude is a certain condition of a helpless man."

Zombies are humans too. This is their story:

The Solitary

Kara has developed a big distrust on humanity. Her father, a respected surgeon got killed by terrorists while on a humanitarian mission overseas. Being around a superficial world, nothing anybody says or does makes any difference for her. She's felt alone since. She stopped following her dad's footsteps, quit med school and took a job as an office clerk where she is often left alone in her own world.

In this alternate version of the late 90's, medical technology far exceeds telecommunication technology. Since there is no internet, being an urban hermit like Kara is not the norm. She is a loser as what her socialite mother would call her.

Another day at work becomes a nightmare when her boss asks her to do counter work. She hates dealing with people because they usually try to be friendly with her and this makes her uncomfortable. Today however is a different story. People are actually trying to kill her.

She gets rescued by her uncle and wakes up in a "Safe house". They learn that a freak virus has turned everyone into rabid monsters. Immune to this virus, Kara and her Uncle set up a perimeter around the Safe House to keep the infected away. They also come across other survivors who inform them of a helicopter rescue at the nearby hospital. Kara, being familiar with the facilities is obliged to take them and hopefully get them out of her face.

The group, after looting for more ammo and learning to defend themselves with guns and melee weapons, go on a journey to the rooftop helipad of St. Mary's Hospital. They learn that the virus has mutated into something that they are not immune from. They will also learn that somebody among them, besides Kara, will jeopardise the group due to an addiction to Methalin, a form of metamphetamine shot.

Kara becomes infected while defending another survivor, Christine who is immune to the mutation as well as the normal virus. As the infection takes over her body, Kara learns that she doesn't have much time and humanity needs her help.

Garret, enjoying the freedom from civilization feels invincible as a Mutant. He doesn't want the cure to eventually end his fate so he tries to stop the others from getting to the helicopter. He becomes stronger every minute and the clock is ticking to get to the safe spot before Garret and a bigger horde of mutants get to the helicopter before they do.


"For it is not the sight of a human creature which removes us from solitude, but the sight of one who is faithful, modest and helpful to us." - Discourses of Epictetus

When Garret shoots Kara, she was in the process of dying and see saw the light but her memories were those of the hatred that she had build up over the years. I was pure sadness.

A homeless man she helps earlier in the story comes to her as a mutant, he infects her with the virus. The infected still retain some of their humanity, which is very rare, but this rare mutation infects Kara to save her life. The virus gives her a new will to survive and care about the people around her.

At the end of the story, Kara stays behind and the virus takes full control of her body but in her mind she still sees the people that loves her and she ended up caring about in the end, and this gave her a happy ending.

Latest Work

All Work

  • Script 4 - M.'s 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    In the spirit of Scheherazade, I made it a story within a story and the ending connects back to the beginning!!
    This is the latest Draft with a new Prologue. Made the beginning of the story more relevant to the rest as a whole. Also gave it a more video game feel. x enjoy
  • Script 3 - M.'s 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    without the prologue which was irrelevant to the story.
  • Test Movie 2 - Practice Animation First Scene
    Creative Notes:
    Practice Animation of the Prologue. Featuring Mr. Martin Stalvey as the voice of the Father and the Son.
  • Test Movie 1 - Practice Animation First Scene
    Creative Notes:
    A practice animation of the prologue, featuring Mr. Martin Stalvey as the voice of the Father and Son.
  • Script 2 - M.'s 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Added FRANK'S introduction scene (supposed to be before the Puppet scene) which was left out on the first script, fixed up some minor inconsistencies, fixed a couple of typos, minor grammar fixes, minor dialogue changes.
  • Script 1 - M.'s Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Originally designed to simulate video game play experience while having a sound storyline.
    This is the very first full length screenplay I've ever written. First edited draft. I would appreciate any feedback and I welcome any revisions and rewrites, I could learn from it.