Creator: Steve Foo
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 13 and older
After the death of an identical twin, his brother tries and takes on his social life, college classes and girlfriend without trying to be discovered.
Synopsis: One day prior to the first day of his junior year in college, Evan’s 21 year old identical twin brother, Devan, is killed in a drunk driving accident. After identifying his brother’s body, he is devastated by his death and feels that all of Devan's hard work and sacrifice were in vain. In that moment he knew he had no other choice but to step into his brother’s shoes and pick up where Devan left off in college.

What originally was thought to be a good idea quickly turns into a mess. Not knowing who his brother’s friends are and not being able to understand a thing in his pre-med classes, Evan begins to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Between dealing with Devan’s best friend, Vanessa and his clingy girlfriend Becky he realizes that this is not going to be an easy task to pull off.

With each day that passes, Evan starts taking on more and more of his brother’s traits and quickly realizes that he is losing his own identity in the process. After coming to the conclusion that he is unable to maintain this charade, he decides to start acting like himself again. As a result, he breaks up with Becky and discovers his feelings for Vanessa. With such drastic changes taking place in his behavior, suspicion and questions are raised by friends and teachers. Evan doesn’t know if he'll be able to keep his secret any longer.

Latest Work

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  • Script 5 - Steve's 5th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    February contest submission. Fixed some errors from a last minute proof read.
  • Script 4 - Steve's 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Changed some grammatical errors. Gave a better flash back in the beginning to show more why Evan does what he does. Added some details to lines to make things in the story clearer.
  • Script 3 - Steve's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Changed the beginning up. Gave a more reasonable excuse why Evan has to go to the hospital. Took out unnecessary dialogue. Changed a few conversations and descriptions of places. Changed close up shots so it seems more smoother.
  • Script 2 - Steve's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Added a better intro to hint at Evan's personality. Placed "close up's" when they were needed. Fixed some dialogue and grammatical errors. Gave Ace a slight accent. Added two scenes with Vanessa and her mom so you can know her character better.
  • Script 1 - Steve's Original Draft