My Secret Santa

Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
Christian rocker and temp employee Mike Rogers is in love with Sara von Shiffle, the office virgin with a secret past. When Mike gets Sara’s name in the Secret Santa pool, he has a chance to win her heart.
Synopsis: My Secret Santa is a Christmas romantic comedy that takes place in an office. It's about a temp, Mike Rogers, who's also a drummer in a Christian rock band. Mike is in love with one of his co-workers, Sara von Shiffle, who is half-Christian and half-Jewish. When Mike is named Sara's Secret Santa, he views this as his opportunity to win her heart. However, Mike has some serious competition in the form of Connor Flynn. Tall, dark and handsome, Connor is a slick millionaire who is every inch a winner. Particularly when compared to Mike, who cannot handle his alcohol and enjoys singing Little Drummer Boy in public. Connor offers to fly Sara and her best friend, Natalie, down to Barbados for a few days. Natalie, who is the office party girl, urges Sara to go on the trip with her. Despite her attraction to Mike's kindness and innocence, Sara agrees as a favor to Natalie to go on the trip.

Natalie teases Sara and calls her a virgin because it's been so long since she has had sex with anyone. Indeed, as Sara confides to Mike, she's been celibate for four years now, ever since she was drummed out of her sorority for sexual indiscretions. Sara has no interest in hooking up with anybody in Barbados, and pisses off everybody with her polly puritan attitude. However, being celibate is driving Sara crazy, and she has taken to sleeping in the nude.

To get revenge on her for not putting out after flying her down to Barbados, Connor sneaks into Sara's bedroom and shoots a video of her while she's asleep in the buff. He shows it to his co-workers at work. Mike, who is delivering documents to their office, walks in during the show. Outraged at this treatment of Sara, Mike loses it, grabbing Connor by the tie and strangling him with it. Mike drags Connor out of the office, down the stairs and through the lobby. Mike finds a pair of scissors and cuts the tie off before Connor dies from lack of oxygen. Nobody recognizes Mike because he's a temp and a nobody--they don't know who he is. The security people put up posters in the elevator with a drawing of Mike, warning everyone of this violent and dangerous individual.

Despite Sara's nude movie and Mike's strangling escapade, the love between these two nice people becomes stronger. The climax takes place at the office Christmas party, as Mike is unmasked as the strangler, Connor attempts retribution, Mike and Sara consummate their love, and both are fired for wanton fornication on the conference room table. The two discover the true meaning of Christmas, however, as Mike proposes marriage to Sara and an unlicensed street preacher gives a makeshift wedding ceremony in their favorite bar.

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