Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL is a romantic-comedy about a businesswoman who is so good at her job, and so unlucky in love, that she creates a business model to find the right man. Which works, too well.
Synopsis: The spec REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL follows the saga of Sara Bennet, a mid-30s marketing executive in New York whose agency is failing because of the recession. She has to pitch her last big client to keep their business -- if she blows it, the firms goes up in smoke. Meanwhile, she's being set up with random guys by her well-meaning friends who don't exactly have the best taste in men. After a third awful date, while preparing for the pitch of her life, and on the eve of her 34th birthday, she decides her dating life needs an overhaul. She ditches the random set up method; creates a market segmentation plan to identify, target and recruit appropriate life partner candidates; and deputizes her friends and family to go to work for her. And it does work, a little too well.

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