"Workers of Iniquity"

Creator: Akil Solomon
Age rating: 13 and older
Story follows a dysfunctional family from the 1950's to the present day. Through untimely deaths, separation, child abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, conflict and violence family ties remain strong.
Synopsis: The story is about two brothers--Ricky and Carl. There is third brother, Leonard, but the plot really doesn't revolve around him because he is separated from his brothers at a young age. Leonard life is 360 degree different from his two brothers. The separation takes place between them when their mother, Alaina, a truly loving and caring woman dies at a young age. The brothers are very, very young themselves. Aaina is married to Lawrence, an alcoholic and womanizer, who is Leonard's father. She is divorced from Ricky and Carl's father, who was a womanizer as well. When Alaina dies from a brain hemorrhage, Lawrence takes Leonard to his elderly mother's house to be raised by her and his stepfather. He virtually abandons him and his step sons. Alaina's brother, Danny, takes Carl, the oldest boy (for selfish reasons) and Retha, Alaina's youngest sister, takes Ricky, the middle child.

Retha, coming from a stint in the army, reunites with her childhood sweetheart, nice guy known as Teddy. Together they try to give young Ricky all the love and attention he needs. Retha was very close to her sister Alaina and tries to do right by her. But being young and free-spirited decides she doesn't want to be tied down to Teddy nor her young nephew and begins to act out. After a couple of years, she turns the care of Ricky over to his uncle, Danny, who has the responsibility of Carl in his care already. The household is poor and in disrepair; it turns out that Danny is psychotic and mentally unbalanced. His second wife, Edwina, unhappy with Danny and her living environment, cheats on him and treats the boys with contempt and adds to their mistreatment. Danny exhibits cruel and unusual punishment involving starvation, beatings and acts of deprivation towards his defenseless nephews. He takes out his anger at life injustices on them. They are innocent victims.

Throughout, we are given an intimate look these adults and the rest of the family. Their personalities are exposed. In a series of flashbacks, and in real time, we seen how they became who they are. They lost their parents at a young age, too. Orphaned, the girls were taken in and cared for by their strict and no-nonsense aunt. The boys were raised by a tyrannical uncle. The aunt and uncle guardians were, not surprisingly, brother and sister.
Their seems to be a mean and twisted spirit that runs though the family. Few escape it.

Besides looking at the lives of Retha--who sinks into a spiral into drug addiction and struggles back to normalcy-- and Danny, who is completely out of control, we see their other siblings and their lifestyles. Their twin brothers, Ishmael who's on the straight and narrow and Ivan, who's shady lifestyle leads to a dangerous outcome. Gwen, the oldest sister, short on patience and self-involved; her husband Tyrone who scared to death of her. Tyrone, a good but cowardly man, is scared to death of anyone who's intimidating ie Lawrence. Tyrone is a heavy drinker. Sonny, the brother (he grew up with Danny), who is the complete opposite of Danny. His wife Trish Ann who is slow and good natured. These two are Carl and Ricky's safe refuge. He becomes a huge father figure to the boys.

The story ends on a good note, so to speak. Retha, Carl, Leonard, all grown up, meet Ricky's plane at the airport. It's a kind of family reunion. They retreat to a local bar and reminisce. Ricky, who is a writer, breaks the big news he has sold his first screenplay. Leonard is in college using his GI Bill and Carl runs a successful store.They run into Ivan who isn't doing too well; he doesn't even recognize his nephews. The story has a surprise ending involving Gwen and Tyrone.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Akil's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is based on a true life story. All events, with some dramatic license taken, are true. Names have been changed. It is a story about survival; the trials and tribulations of an African American family.