Creator: ben & debby
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 13 and older
From the (Austin-based) writer and director of Friends Forever (SXSW 2001) & High School Record (SXSW, Sundance 2005) comes "Nowhere," a darkly comic tale of five screwed-up teens on an outward-bound style wilderness expedition.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Nowhere follows five screwed-up teens -- a jock, a brain, a rich kid, a punk and a druggie — as they set off for a required week in the wilderness as part of a rehab program designed to scare 'em straight. But when things go horribly wrong and they find themselves lost without food, water, maps, or any way of communicating with civilization, they realize their ability to get along has become a life or death situation. As they adapt to their environment, building forts, making tools, setting traps, making fires, and hiking around in circles, they also get to know each other, discovering along the way that no one is exactly as they seem.

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