Creator: Ervin Anderson
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
A lonely young film student named Lucy meets the man of her dreams, but those dreams are shattered when a brokenhearted female vamp makes Lucy the object of her wicked affection.
Synopsis: Life is not treating Lucy Cushing kindly. She has few friends, a pill habit, no luck with men, and her dream of becoming a filmmaker just isn't happening--possibly because she's attending the world's worst film school in Nadja, California, a dark place that's like San Francisco meets Gotham City.

Then she meets Paul and her life turns around. She finds happiness. He's everything she's ever wanted in a man: smart, nerdy, funny. He has a secret that may ruin their relationship before it really starts. Lucy must decide if she'll forgive him.

Lucy soon has a run-in with a punk rock vampire named Lillian who's just had her heart broken. Lillian wants Lucy, so she turns her into her new vampire lover. "I'm not a lesbian," Lucy says. Lillian smiles and says, "You weren't a vampire either, until this morning. Female vampires are lesbians. That's how it is. Haven't you ever seen a vampire movie?"

Lucy wants nothing to do with Lillian, and turns to Paul for help. She soon realizes that Paul truly loves her, and will stick by her. After a chance meeting with a vampire named Sarah who claims to be a vamp therapist, Lucy has an idea. She's going to get Lillian and Summer together with the therapist. If the two vampires make-up, Lucy will be free to date Paul and live happily ever after, while adjusting to life as a blood-sucker.

But things don't go as planned. Sarah has a surprise of her own. All hell breaks loose.

Will Lucy find her happily-ever-after? Will she stop biting her friends? And where the hell did vampires come from, anyway? Read on, and find out.

Latest Work

  • Script 4 - Ervin's 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Completely changed the 2nd and 3rd acts. The ending is much more satisfying. Removed some characters, added others. Essentially, a totally new experience. 100% more awesomeness.

All Work

  • Script 3 - Ervin's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Added several new scenes, which, I believe, make all the difference in the world. It's still naughty and bloody and fun, but now it's even better. Trying to strike a perfect balance of horror and comedy. Perhaps a modern take on THE VAMPIRES LOVERS, or maybe a funky LOST BOYS meets CHASING AMY. Whatever. It's fun. You'll like it.
  • Script 2 - Ervin's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Dialogue tightened, grammar polished. I think it achieves just the right balance of horror and comedy. The idea was to take those old Hammer vampire movies and put a modern spin on them. Enjoy!
  • Script 1 - Ervin's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    A modern take on the old Hammer lesbian vampires movies of the past, but, you know, funnier.