The Velvet Elvis

Creator: Brenton Lonkey
Age rating: 17 and older
A black Elvis impersonator, part-time monster hunter must stop a masked serial killer before he can set free an ancient evil, unleashing hell on earth.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Velvis has the dream of hitting it big in Hollywood as a singer. But he’s finding it hard to turn his dream into reality. Besides the fact he’s a black Elvis impersonator in Hollywood, California, he’s also struggling trying to juggle that pesky full-time job as a monster killing desperado.

Samael is Velvis’ manager, agent, and PR person. Not only does he find gigs for our budding new future star, he also finds demons and monsters in need of being sent back to hell. And he’s just found a lively one, a big dumb serial killer named Seth. He’s all too human but is being manipulated by a Whisper called Lamia.

Lamia used to be a demon but was sent to hell, now she’s more like a specter that needs 100 human souls to be sacrificed in her name, using only the one chosen weapon to bring her back into our world. Being damned also means she can only be seen by her chosen vassal or through the eyes of a vampire. Together, Seth and Lamia have managed to get their number up pretty high without running into any problems. That is until Velvis gets on the job.

Armed with his Magnum .357 and a vampire’s head in a bowling ball bag, he begins the hunt. But is disappointed when he finds no one there at Seth’s nasty body-filled apartment. Only lead he has is a pretty dead girl on the bed. Velvis has a secret weapon, his blood. With blessed blood running through his veins, he’s every demon’s nightmare, but in this case, can also bring back the dead for a short while.

Sammy awakes from her death bed thirsty for revenge against the monster who brutally murdered her. Being able to sense Seth, she quickly becomes a much needed asset to the team. Seth and Lamia take up refuge at Calvon’s nightclub. A safe haven. Calvon is a mafia boss leader, not to mention a vampire with a lot of clout. And Velvis just popped up on his radar.

With Lamia losing her grip on Seth’s psyche, he gives her the slip and heads back to his apartment where Velvis and the gang are waiting for him. Noticing Seth is gone, Calvon sends out his most skilled assassins, Blood & Nerve to make sure of his safe return.

With Samael out of the fight with a belly full of buckshot, Velvis missing an arm and Sammy just being useless, it looks like Seth will hit his one hundred mark. But not if Velvis has anything to say about it. He gets to his feet, takes out Seth with his last bullet, and finishes off the last of the assassin brothers with Seth’s cleaver.
Surprisingly, that’s enough to bring Lamia back. But only for a few seconds before Samael blows her away with his shotgun.

After the smoke clears and all is safe again, Velvis calls for an early retirement from hunting and singing as he takes his severed arm from down off the wall. And with that, The King has left the building.

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