Creator: Kam Carr
Age rating: 13 and older
Closer is a paranormal/ romance between Dante Renaldo and Tammy Miller. You could say it is a modern fairy-tale of vampires, witches and a curse that has doomed the Renaldo family for centuries.
Synopsis: The Renaldo family is the richest family in a small village -- Ashville. They prefer to hide away and not associate with anyone. This is to protect their secret. Renaldo's were cursed by a witch centuries ago. When I say the Renaldo's, it is only the men.

The men once they reach 21 they awaken and begin their life as a vampire. They are then forced to seek out a Black Swan; whom they marry and feed off. This is what happens to Dante and he finally meets Tammy Miller, 21. Although, Dante was late awaking.

The curse can be broken, but only when a daughter is born. A daughter is very rare and even if they do have one, Dante must hand her over to Glandis.

Glandis is a witch, she is the one who casts the curse upon the family and she waits to take what the Renaldo's need with the help of her sisters.

In the story both Dante and Tammy learn that families have dark secrets. They also learn there was someone that linked them together.

Will the curse be broken... Will they find out how... Exactly who was Angus's (Dante's uncle) BLACK SWAN.... Are they CLOSER?????

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