Creator: Carl S
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Age rating: 13 and older
A receding glacier unleashes an ancient creature on a small Alaskan town. Now, it's up to the sheriff to convince his fellow citizens that capturing the creature and making it a tourist attraction is a fatally flawed idea.
Synopsis: Husker Locke is sheriff of Glacier Cove, a small Alaskan town. He’s got a crush on the local forest ranger, Maggie, and he’s got an over-protective sense of duty to his young, teenage daughter, Faith.

When a monster of ancient lineage is dragged form the ice and into the city limits, he's soon drawn into a terrifying escapade that will challenge him and all he believes in.

This monster, discovered frozen in a block of ice, thaws out and goes on a murderous rampage. At first, people think it's a mad bear, while others claim it’s Bigfoot, an alien and even a thawed caveman.

Husker gets on the monster’s trail with his faithful deputy, Will Falls, at his side.

Husker uses his contacts in town to try and figure out just what is killing the citizens of Glacier Cove – all the while – trying to stem a rising sense of panic. To his horror, he discovers that the monster has ice-related powers and is able to freeze victims with its breath and to hibernate inside cocoons of glacial ice that heal it and help it evolve to new, more-deadly stages.

As Husker realizes that what they are hunting is a creature of epic proportions, he calls on the Mayor to order an evacuation. The mayor and the town council, however, offer resistance instead of assistance. They don’t see this “monster” as a threat or a danger, but instead view it as a potential tourist attraction and big-time money maker.

Husker’s loyal friends stick by him and help face off with the monster in a wild series of ambushes, chases and clashes. They do their best to keep the town safe, while at the same time, bringing the monster to its end. But this monster is ancient and adapted for survival. It regenerates, it continues to grow larger and its four arms are tipped by razor claws the slice through automobile steel like it was flesh.

Finally, Husker and his allies lead the monster away in a frenetic chase through the remains of the town, using a tour bus to make their escape. The bus proves unwieldy and ends up crashing into the nearby woods. From here, the chase continues on foot to until our heroes are forced to work together to bring the monster down.

Husker and friends stagger back to town to an ending that will stun and amuse audiences, leaving them wanting more. And that's where "Glacier 2" comes in... ;)

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  • Script 6 - Carl's 6th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is a slightly updated and tweaked version, uploaded as the companion script for my dialog track.
  • Script 5 - Carl's 5th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Re-structured the first act this time. Re-defined the theme to make it a little more clear and made small revisions based on feedback throughout to give it more overall depth of character.
  • Script 4 - Carl's 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Based on feedback from Amazon users this draft features a couple of new, short scenes, reworked dialog and adjusted sequencing.
  • Script 3 - Carl's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    A third draft features revised dialog, action sequences and other tweaks made due to great feedback and reviews.
  • Script 2 - Carl's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This revision features tweaked dialog, the opening SERIES OF SHOTS has been turned into individual scenes and other text editing has been done as well.
  • Test Movie 1 - Trailer
    Creative Notes:
    Just a little promotion for my script. Thanks for checking it out. Leave a comment if you like!
  • Script 1 - Carl's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is a classic monster movie told with a sense of humor. I imagine it to fit into the same genre as films like "Zombieland" or "Tremors". Thanks for checking it out.