For Love and Ransom

Creator: Deborah Walters
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
Michael Braedon is kidnapped instead of Edgar Reinholdt, whose company developed a program enabling any one person to bring any country to its knees. When the U. S. refuses to negotiate his release, Michael’s fiancée, Laura proposes an offer the captors cannot refuse.
Synopsis: Edgar Reinholdt is a national security genius whose company deals exclusively with governments and other companies that deal exclusively with governments. He decides he wants to move the company into the public sector and hires Global Connections to determine the feasibility of the project. Michael Braedon accompanies him back to Frankfurt to look over his facilities. Edgar’s hotel room is much too small for him and he is intent on getting a different one. Michael offers to switch and they switch keycards without informing the desk.

After Michael returns from visiting Reinholdt International for the second day, he finds his room ransacked and is hit over the head when he walks into his hotel room. At the same time, a note is delivered to Mrs. Reinholdt saying that her husband had been taken. When he arrives home, he assures her that it is just a cruel joke. Edgar returns to the hotel and knocks on Michael’s door. When there is no answer, he goes to the desk to get a new keycard, only to find out that another keycard was made earlier for a man claiming Edgar had sent him. The clerk sensing Edgar’s confusion over the matter makes a new card and Edgar returns to Michael’s room. When he opens the door and turns on the light, he sees that the room has been ransacked. He returns to the desk and asks what time the other card was mad. Both he and Michael were still at the complex. Edgar notifies Pierre and then the police. The police along with Edgar speak with the hotel manager and the four go to Michael’s room and then to the security office. There they are able to see exactly what happened from the time the man asked for the keycard until Michael was dragged into a van and driven away. After viewing security films from the hotel, Alex, the head of security gives Edgar dvds of the security film which Edgar copies and sends to Michael’s firm in Paris.

When Michael’s fiancée, Laura finds out he has been kidnapped, she contacts every congressman and influential person she knows to get help finding him. Each one tells her the same thing: “The United States does not negotiate with terrorists for the release of a hostage.” Knowing that there will be no outside help, Michael’s partners and family decide to find him themselves. Once the captors find out that they have the wrong man, the torture of Michael begins and is broadcast over the internet. Knowing that time is of the essence, Michael’s partners and Laura go over every piece of information they can find dealing with the hostage situation, hanging up pictures, still shots from the footage showing Michael’s abduction. Every one of the captors has an insignia printed on the shirt they wear and Gina notices that one of the captors loses a glove. When Robert, the techie of the group enlarges the insignia and the picture of the hand, it is discovered that the insignia is also tattooed on the hands of the members.

Michael’s brother Mark, his wife Gwen, Pierre, Margo, and Laura went to Frankfurt to see the Hotel and Michael’s Hotel Room. Mark confronts Edgar about the secret project that his company was commissioned to do. Edgar explains how the SecReSAC project came to be and what went wrong. Mark and Pierre accompany Edgar to the office to view the films taken in the lab during the creation of SecReSAC. What they discover is that the security of Reinholdt International has been compromised and information has been pirated…information from that could jeopardize not only national but world security.

United States President Bartram at the behest of Edgar Reinholdt calls together a meeting of all world leaders involved in the secret project to decide a plan of action aimed at safeguarding the security of their countries. While the leaders are meeting, Yamani, the leader of the fanatic religious group that has taken Michael hostage, plans how he is going to salvage the failed kidnapping.

To substantiate the information found on the internet, Laura contacts Professor Laban who is able to send her detailed information about the group that is holding Michael. Using the information he sent, Laura is able to contact the leader of the group. By this time, she knows that his name is Yamani, but she never allows him to know this. With the help of Tom Richards, a D.J. from a local radio station, Laura arranges for a trade to be made…Michael gains his freedom and she becomes the hostage. From this time forward, the group works to make Yamani come to them. Throughout this whole ordeal, Yamani has been a very mobile person, being able to travel to Frankfurt and Paris. During his third trip to Frankfurt, Mark decides that they need to make Yamani’s world a whole lot smaller.

Tom contacts his friend, Hal about getting the magazine he works for to run a series of stories called “Where Are They Now.” Hal pitches the idea and they decide to do it. The first two infamous people in the series are Afmad Yamani and Osama Bin Laden. With his face on every magazine stand throughout the world, on television, and the internet, Yamani is forced to return home through the underground.

While Yamani is away, Afmed tries to rape Laura and succeeds in slicing her from her neck to her private area before he is shot and placed in a cell. Upon arriving home, Yamani is told about the incident and an interrogation of Afmed leads to the discovery that some of Yamani’s faithful have turned against him.

The increased coverage and the adding of reward money for information leading to the capture of both men brings international bounty hunters to Yamani’s home city. Yamani is certain that some of those who have not been faithful would like nothing more than to sell him to the bounty hunters. Being under duress makes Yamani make the deal with Edgar: SecReSAC for the safety and release of Laura. Edgar hurries through multiple steps to deliver SecReSAC within a given time limit. Once Yamani is certain that it is indeed the real file, he arranges with Tom Richards to release Laura to him. When Tom arrives in Baghdad, the bounty hunters and swarms of people are chasing after Yamani’s car shooting at him and tossing homemade bombs into the crowds. Tom somehow is able to get in front of Yamani’s limousine and leads him to the area of the U.S. Embassy. There Laura changes cars quickly and Tom races off towards the airport. In order to slow the crowd, Yamani sends a signal to launch a missile into the crowd. Edgar struggles over allowing it. Soon the ground shakes and Yamani’s limousine clears the city. His driver makes a turn onto a side road. Tom and Laura continue to the airport. A second missile is fired, and Yamani’s camp is obliterated.

When Laura returns home, she and Michael rekindle the passion that had be such a vital part of their lives. Hal is invited to do an exclusive interview and is stunned when he learns the name of their captor. With everything that happened, only one pressing question remains: Did Yamani get way?

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