The Package

Creator: F Andison
Age rating: 17 and older
A 'multinational' army team are given a secret mission to bring home the British Prime Minister’s son whilst trying to avoid getting killed when his cover is blown in Iraq.
Synopsis: A fictitious story based on partially true events. An Iraqi-esque war film portraying how Henry (22), Tony (24), Farai (26), 100% (23), Quiz (22) and Shoot'Em (24), coming from different backgrounds, come to being recruited into the British and American armies and integrate with each other. There is a twist when they are given a mission leaving them to fend for themselves after finding out that Prime Minister Cagney's son, Henry, is within their regiment.
They are notified when his cover is blown and they have to unite in fighting to save each other as well as protecting ‘The Package’ to safety as a matter of national security. When Henry Cagney's cover is blown through an internal blunder, it leads to a huge threat to him and his colleagues. Guys from his regiment have to ensure his safe return to the UK and avoiding attracting attention but they are sabotaged during the mission.

Pitch: The Hurt locker, Jarhead.

Alternative Pitch: We were soldiers.

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