Age rating: 13 and older
Drugged with a roofie at a fraternity party, Kari Sparks wakes up next to a murdered man with a bloody knife in her hand. Now she's on the run from the police, while she tries to outwit the spy organization that is framing her for murder.
Synopsis: Kari Sparks, an innocent freshman at the University of Colorado, goes to a fraternity party. A young man named Simon gives her a beer. She drinks it. Her vision blurs. She passes out. She was given a roofie.

Kari wakes up the next morning in the fraternity house. She has no idea how she got there, or what happened last night. In her right hand is a bloody knife. Startled, she discovers that she is in bed with a dead man, who has been stabbed multiple times.

Apparently somebody is framing Kari for murder. But who? And why?

Suspected of being a killer, Kari is catapulted out of her safe existence into a frantic chase by the authorities. She is poisoned. She is handcuffed to an FBI agent. An assassin shoots at her. A sumo wrestler attacks her. An alligator attacks her. She falls out of an airplane. She rides a scooter through a supermarket. She jumps out of a two story building.

Frame-Up is an action thrill ride and a fun popcorn flick. Enjoy!

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  • Test Movie 2 - Animatic
    Creative Notes:
    This is an animatic we started back in June. Over 1000 storyboards done by the brilliant Josh Reynolds. The movie stars Rachel Puleo, Matt O'Boyle, Trick Kelly and Karen Thorla. And as usual I have way too many credits.

    I'm really happy with the music in this movie, all of it downloaded from Amazon Studios. I'm so happy I wanted to try something a little different with the credits.
  • Test Movie 1 - 1st Act Storyboards
    Creative Notes:
    These are the first 125 storyboards for our animatic. We're recording our dialog track this week. Added some free Amazon music. Basically it's a silent 3-minute movie right now, without any editing. I'm really happy with my storyboard artist, a SCAD student who's working on spec.