Stork People

Creator: Anthony Vieira
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
A group of friends in a small Northern California town find their relationships eroded and hidden secrets exposed while under attack by a horde of mutated, half-human, half-bird creatures.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: On the outskirts of the small Northern California town of White Hills, TY CATULLUS and his best friend, JEFF "STOVE" STOVINGTON wake up in Ty's brake and muffler shop, hungover from the night before. They're ready to do it all over again, and, after Ty receives an angry call from his girlfriend, they head off for another keg of beer. Ty calls their friend ZANE MURPHY, who is out in the hills playing his guitar. Stove's only in town a few days, and the party needs to keep going. Zane will be there. As he hangs up, we takes off down the hillside back-roads, until we meet RONNIE and DENISE, two high school kids who are ditching class to hang out in the hills and get high. Both are promptly killed by a vicious, as-yet-unseen creature... and they seem to transform into... something else.

MAX SILVA, another of their friends, is passed out in his car, right behind Ty's garage. Ty's girlfriend LISA ignores everyone, clearly pissed at him. While Stove and Ty are in the garage, ROY PAULSON shows up to buy weed off of Ty. Once Roy is gone, the party finally begins. Lisa's pregnant sister DARLA shows up with her baby-daddy, JACK PALERMO. Lisa and Darla hide in Lisa's bedroom and gossip. There's an awkward moment between Jack and Max – Darla and Max were together for awhile – and it passes. The party mood levels out – and is then shattered when Roy charges up the driveway and bursts in on them, panicked and desperate. They drag Roy's wife JANINE inside and put her to sleep. Roy tells them what happened: as they were driving in the hills, something jumped out in front of their car and then attacked Janine. Roy can only describe it as mutated stork-creature. As Ty and Max debate what to do next, Janine transforms into a stork-creature. All hell breaks loose. The Janine-stork attacks another partygoer, killing her – and infecting her – and she transforms. They're forced to kill the Janine-stork. The virus spreads – another stork flies out the window, infecting several people next door.

The storks begin to spread and multiply outside the house. Inside, Lisa is practically catatonic. Ty and Max begin to argue about what to do next. Max baits Roy, who takes a swing at him. Stove – a big guy – calms everyone down by force. Ty tries to comfort Lisa, but she tells him that they're through. She gets up to leave – they all warn her not to, but she walks outside and is attacked. Ty kills the stork attacking her, but she's about to change. Max grabs Ty's baseball bat and walks outside. Lisa transforms before Ty's eyes – he's frozen, watching as the Lisa-stork is about to attack him. Ty sees Max with the bat and blows up – they have a standoff, finally understanding that they're enemies. In the house, Stove and Zane investigate a window breaking somewhere in the house. Roy follows but runs off, into the bathroom – and finds a stork has broken in to feed on the remains of his wife, the Janine-stork. It attacks him. The Roy-stork tries to bust out of the bathroom. Ty and Max have their standoff at the front door, as another stork tries to break in from outside. Max understands that he's the bad guy here, decides to sacrifice himself – he throws himself at the stork out front. Stove tells everyone to run as he keeps the Roy-storkoff them. Ty, Zane, Jack and Darla make it out to Zane's car. They drive out of town, into the unknown as the storks begin to take over the town.

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