Creator: Tani Capa
Age rating: Everyone
Nino son of Charles and Graziella young people of south emigrants Milan in '30s. Forced wedding will suffer for their entire live with the consequences years of abuse coercion to load woman who will end the blood with which Nino gets wet, it loses with the trauma memory
Synopsis: " WHY ' CRY ! ? "

Central character is Nino , the second son of Charles and Graziella , young people of the south- Italian emigrants Milan in the '30s. Forced to wedding repairing, will suffer for their entire lives with the consequences of years of abuse and coercion to load the woman who will end the blood with which the teenager Nino gets wet, it loses with the trauma memory. Events and incidents caused by the war sad backdrop to the suffering that the child will suffer the consequences of the collapse of the house hit during a bombing in Milan and to be present at the many acts of violence suffered by the mother. Displaced to the south , the years of hospitalization , surgery to the spine awareness of being different for the after-effects seen with a dorsal hump , the college proximity to the failure of the parents physical pain , they will all episodes of enrichment behaviors and values that will follow him into adulthood. The recovery of memory helped the mother with where it meets a boy, introduce the hero in society with their studies and subsequent jobs will take decisions that will characterize the coming years. The first loves and disappointments sentimental and existential give a decisive turning point in his life , leaving the employment and starting a new job thanks to a chance meeting at the Louvre Museum in Paris with a photographer Milan became his teacher. Now an adult , devoting himself entirely to the profession as a photographer with the inevitable loneliness to the constant trips will bring him more and more at the thought of happy times they spent in the past returns from the mother. New friendships and relationships are treated and reassembled like a puzzle you ever imagined. The knowledge and attendance of prominent personalities , writers and artists that will establish lasting friendships , consolidate to become an established photographer financially secure future . He met and married Norma, after conflicts and obstacles by the mother-in-law who with blackmail and psychological conditioning for years destabilize their married life . The move to a house near the river Adda , which was necessary to accommodate the arrival of two adopted sisters , reconciles the two protagonists. In the following years the vicissitudes of their mothers, contribute to the deterioration of the marriage; Graziella bearer of two stomata alone in her house and submission of Norma in cohabitation with the mother included in the household suffering from manic disorders , intentionally circumvented by his daughter , merged with issues psitical expressed by the youngest daughter , Nino make it unsafe and emotionally vulnerable taking it to establish an extramarital relationship with a consequent expulsion from the family despite the relationship already stopped. The precipitate of negative events caused by the technological revolution inherent in the profession , bad investments linked to the economic crisis , the separation and stress, creating a protagonist in a deep existential crisis . Recalling how a sequence of images of a film interrupted the mistakes of his past will push him to attempt suicide with drugs . For Brazil hosted by an acquaintance returning there for new professional experiences and sentimental . Recalled to Italy by her sister for the imminent demise of his mother, knows the Moldovan caregiver with whom after several tragic events ( death of a young husband , death threats addressed by the mother-in-law and brother in law , teenage son kidnapped ) , constrained by the promise made to mother dying for and arrange with her sister to the solution of all problems by establishing a relationship first and then sentimental solidarity that will lead to six years after the marriage and subsequent separation after only eleven months discovering the infidelity and deception studied economic and consumed with the members of his family leaving him broke. The after-effects of the intervention for coronary heart attack and coma , consequential to a discussion with his ex-wife , will accompany the last days in the solitude of the protagonist's life

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