The Tavern

Creator: Carl S
Age rating: 13 and older
A wounded man wanders into a tavern bringing mortal danger to all within.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: A wounded man, CYRUS DRAKE, wanders out of a storm and into a lonely tavern.

Within he finds the tavern owner, THORFINN, and a runaway slave called TWIGS managing the place. The three of them soon come into conflict, as Cyrus is found to be a killer on the run.
When Thorfinn's lovely daughter, ADELAIDE arrives, she brings another level of tension to an already boiling pot.

But things really come to a head when the men in pursuit of Cyrus arrive, ready to kill anyone who tries to stop them from bringing mortal justice to Cyrus.

What follows is a "last stand" sequence of action, where conflicts characters must fight together against a greater threat for the outside.

The Tavern blends elements of action and dark drama with a hint of the supernatural to make a story, almost completely set in a single location, that is unlike any other. With a small cast of well-developed characters, it's just the kind of story that can be a cost-effective breakout hit. The proverbial lightning in a bottle.

I hope you find time to enjoy the script. Thank you.

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