If At First

Creator: E C
Age rating: Everyone
Brady Watson is the victim of a coffee house bomb.
He wakes up after the explosion and finds himself right back in same cab...20 minutes before the explosion. It's up to him to save the people inside...no matter how long it takes.
Synopsis: Brady Watson is a mild-manner Geometry teacher. His life is falling apart-his ex-girlfriend is getting married, he's getting fired and he can't, or won't, do anything to change it.

One Saturday, he is sitting in a coffee shop. Brady meets a beautiful girl and makes some new friends. Then...a bomb explodes around him and his world is shattered. He walks, in a daze, in the rubble until the clock chimes noon and the world turns to black...

...and he wakes up in the same cab, with the same driver, on route to the coffee shop. It's 20 minutes before the explosion and it's up to him to be the hero. It's a race against time and his sanity to find out who set off the bomb and save the people inside.

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