Creator: MR I MOORE
Age rating: 17 and older
Lilly, a 40 year old woman, may have travelled through time to the present day, or perhaps she has suffered some traumatic event that has made her unstable. Mark, a young guy, develops a crush on her and seems ready to humour her fantasies in order to be close to her.
Synopsis: Lilly wakes in a clearing in a wood, distressed and disoriented. She's wearing Victorian clothes and when she stumbles out of the wood and encounters the modern world she reacts with dismay and confusion. After she suffers a meltdown in a car park Mark, a nineteen year old, takes her under his wing. He soon develops a crush on her and is willing to humour her time travel fantasies in order to be close to her.

Lilly is experiencing visions and hearing voices. Is she suffering the effects of some kind of trauma, or are these the side effects of time travel? Is it perhaps a little of both?

Mark agrees to help her and we follow their developing relationship and Lilly's reactions to the modern world. After she reluctantly begins to warm to modern life she decides, in true Victorian fashion, that the only option for a woman with no means to support herself is to find a suitable husband. Mark agrees to help her, despite, or perhaps because of, his crush on her. He finds a date for her on a "Sugar Daddy" dating website.

By the time Lilly has an encounter with one of the Victorian time travellers responsible for sending her to the present she has been seduced by the freedoms of this age and has no desire to return to 1889. The scientist is being pursued by the authorities and is keen to get away but first her gives her a bracelet as a keepsake. He claims it is made from the last of the metal that the time machine is made from.

Lilly goes back home to Mark. When Mark shows his disgust that she has been seduced by modern society she indulges him and puts on her Victorian clothes, along with the bracelet. This causes her to be pulled back through time where she is permanently stranded. The story ends on a bitter sweet moment where Lilly realises that the freedom she discovered in the future is something she has brought back with her.

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  • Test Movie 2 - Technical correction
    Creative Notes:
    The first version I uploaded had technical glitches related to sound moving out of synch. Having rendered the film again on a computer with more memory this problem seems to have been corrected.

    So...enjoy this tale of a woman who may have travelled through time, or may simply be crazy. And by the way, I built the steampunk time machine for less than £50.
  • Video 1 - Director's original
  • Test Movie 1 - 1st cut
    Creative Notes:
    My first film. I made this for somewhere between £5,000 and £6,000. From having the initial idea I wrote the script and made the film in under a year, learning what I needed to know as I went along. The actors, musicians and crew all worked for free and have made me enormously proud. Have just noticed that some sound in this version is moving out of sync! Am correcting it now. Revision coming.