Dance With Me

Creator: Robert Sargeant
Age rating: Everyone
Carl Guiness' new found faith is put to the test when he learns that the tavern he jointly owns with his wife is a front for illegal gang activity.
Synopsis: Carl Guiness' new found faith is challenged when he discovers that the tavern he jointly owns with his wife is a front for illegal gang activity. He contacts the police for help to deal with this, and within days, an attempt is made on his life. Dumped in a river, left for dead, Carl learns there are few he can trust. To stay alive, he flees his home in the picturesque coastal town on Vancouver Island, and seeks shelter in the nearby Gulf Islands. Led by God, Carl is transformed as he is taken into the greatest conflict he has ever known.

The inspiration for writing Dance With Me, came a couple of years ago while I was attending a church men’s breakfast, held Saturday mornings in the coastal town of Courtenay, B.C.. Some of those who regularly came were retired fishermen, and lumberjacks, who had interesting stories to tell of the problems, and difficulties they had faced during their lives. One of them said, 'the life of faith is a dance with God'. And that got me thinking. The idea came to me to write the original story, Dance With Me, as a novella. This book is about a man’s dance with God. A dance including trials and twists, problems and victories. It's a story that will keep the reader wondering what will happen next.

The main character, Carl Guiness, is a type of Christian James Bond, whose greatest weapon isn't a gun but prayer.

This screenplay is an adaptation of that book, presently released as a Kindle E-book on To learn more about the author visit:

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