Age rating: Everyone
An Army Veteran and a Navy Veteran, fighting over a flagpole in a retirement community, recruit the other veterans in the community in a game of Capture the Flag that would give the winner the right to raise the flag every morning.
Synopsis: Based on an Emmy Award winning short film called, "Reveille" written and directed by twins Adam and Donovan Montierth.

James is barely living. A Navy veteran residing in a retirement community, his only real pleasure each day is raising the flag in the community courtyard.

His routine is interrupted when Lou, a retired Army veteran moves in across the courtyard. He instantly challenges him for the right to raise the flag every morning.

A war begins for the flagpole.

After a series of pranks escalate to a full old man throwdown in the courtyard, they decide to settle the score with a no-holds barred game of capture the flag that would give the winner the right to raise the flag every morning.

They each recruit a team of 3 other feisty old men to help them wreak havoc on the other team.

This frankly funny, but heart-warming film is about rivalry, respect, sacrifice and friendship.

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  • Test Movie 3 - Test Movie Proposal
  • Script 5 - Rick's 1st Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I kept the script true to the vision of the original writers. I kept most of their original, while adding some dialogue to help flush out characters and help the story move alone. Also, I added some additional lines for comedic effect. I also re-wrote a couple scenes.
  • Test Movie 2 - Table Read Movie 1
    Creative Notes:
    Table Read with live action footage dispersed through out. We own all of the rights to the visuals, voice recordings, and music. We would like to thank all of those who helped us.
  • Test Movie 1 - Table Read #1
    Creative Notes:
    Table read with live action footage. All voice, music, sound effects, and visual rights are owned by me and my co-writer.
  • Script 4 - Adam's 1st Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Script is in the vein of Grumpy Old Men and Bucket List. We wrote with Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freemen in mind. Added a WRITER'S PITCH to this version of the script.

    Other Changes:
    -Reformatted the entire script for an easier read. Rewrote the cafeteria scene.
    -Edited the fight scene in the courtyard to cut down on the name calling and smooth it out.
    -Going from 93 to 91 pages in the rewrite.
  • Script 3 - Donovan's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The previous version made the semi's so we worked to strengthen what was working with the script and cut or smoothed the sections that needed some work. A previous review mentioned the script really took off at page 16 so we cut 3-4 pages to get to the meat of the story faster. Worked to balance out the tone of comedy/drama, cut several pages from the bingo scene and smoothed out dramatic scenes.
  • Script 2 - Donovan's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is a revision of the original taking into consideration some creative notes we received. Second Version of the script on Amazon, hope you enjoy the script.
  • Script 1 - Donovan's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    First Version