The Candidate

Creator: Patrick Smith
Age rating: 13 and older
Charlie is out for the revenge of his parent's death. A secret organization enlist and trains him on how to find his parents' killer and take revenge.
Unfortunately he gets entangled in the web of revenge and the secret organization's web of deceit and politics.
Synopsis: Charlie Muntean a doctor in residence gets tipped during the memorial day of his parents death by a secret organization about the abnormalities surrounding the death of his parents. Samuel the secret organization's leader would stop at nothing in order to recruit Charlie.

This news changes his life- he drops out of the residency program, forsook his friends and girlfriend. His transition from a residency doctor to a revenge seeker thickens the plot.

He decides to take the offer of the secret organization- 'the company.'

After his induction into the company as a candidate. He learns the rope of the trade (seeking revenge) and stops at nothing until he finds those responsible for the death of his parents.

Would he find those responsible for his parent's death or would he fall victim again just like his parents?

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