Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
During his resort stay, a Renaissance man is commissioned to write an honorary screenplay at gun point, for three mysterious individuals under the guise of hospitality.

Synopsis: WHISTLER is an in-demand, present day Renaissance man, ending his stint at a casting studio as part of a “trash TV” casting panel. Beyond a Renaissance man, he is a primary target of a three-membered mysterious collective. During the cheerful farewell, The MASSEUSE, keeps an eye on him with the help of a panel member and pretentious colleague of Whistler’s, OLIVER.

The secondary target is SANDY, who is being watched by the second member of the collective, the BELLHOP. Sandy is a writer almost on the brink of losing her job. MR. S. HOBBS, her publisher, grants her one more chance to write something that will turn poor sales around. As predicted by the collective, this means Whistler will be her next subject and Sandy will have reconnaissance methods of her own to apply.

Oliver drives Whistler to The Salmon, a resort where he wants to relax for seven days. While Whistler’s at the eatery, the masseuse pays Oliver handsomely for leading the horse to water, prompting him to skip town right after. The masseuse disguises herself as Sandy and surprises Whistler at the eatery. Excited to see her, the conversation soon leads to the masseuse offering to autograph Whistler’s copy of “her” latest work. She knows full well that the only pen he reserves for such an opportunity is in his resort villa.

The pair walks over to the villa with a new copy of the book and when Whistler realizes that his villa is occupied by strangers, she puts a gun in his back and walks him in. The last member of the group, the CHEF, has prepared a proposal dinner along with the help of the bellhop. Whistler is befuddled when they offer to commission him to write, with pay, but also pamper him at gun point or at the very least, with a watchful eye. He is eventually convinced through a well-constructed argument, evidence and the fact that this is oddly about as amiable as his business partnerships could ever be.

Whistler writes a portion of a fictitious screenplay led by characters fully based on the three service providers and includes himself in it. It is set in the 1950s and the three employers are a sales team that one day discovers abandoned guillotines stolen from the French government of the time. Their goal then becomes to take the weapons off the street and sell them at an off-market price.

Outside of the script, Whistler notes that a series of seminars are about to be held at the resort. He wants to use this opportunity to meet a power player in the music industry. His plans are temporarily deterred when his employers want to read what he has written so far. Already agitated, Whistler dispels a negative point expressed by them after the review and heads to the eatery where he expects MR. SILVA, a music executive.

During Whistler’s forced talk with him, the chef has food delivered to Mr. Silva on the house. Whistler suspects that it’s poisoned but is confused when the man starts reacting even before he’s touched it. It is revealed just before it’s too late that the then delivered food was merely a palate cleanser for the already poisoned food that Mr. Silva ate. When the chef passes by them, Whistler knows he’s expected to toe the line and leaves Mr. Silva to approach his death.

As expected by the chef, those in the eatery help save his life with the water. The chef tells Whistler that Mr. Silva will be well and all Whistler needs to do is focus on his job. Whistler is stressed, as one would expect, but ends up only giving in to the spoils the masseuse, bellhop and chef have been offering all along. This lifestyle is married with his work ethic throughout the rest of his days until one night when Sandy is caught in his bedroom casing the villa. The masseuse shoots her with a tranquilizer dart and she passes out. Her unconscious body is kept in Whistler’s bed until an opportunity to move her comes along. That opportunity is a luncheon at Sandy’s FAMILY’S apartment.

Whistler learns his true position when, under the guise of a taxi driver, he is made to drop the masseuse off as she pretends to be Sandy. Whistler takes the time to write another portion of the screenplay. The salesmen in it are having a hard time selling their guillotines. Whistler’s character exacts his revenge on the masseuse’s character. He writes the plot such that the sales group eventually decides to behead Whistler’s character to put him out his misery.

In the present day, Whistler drives back to the resort but decides to go back to the masseuse, perhaps to forgive her. The bellhop notes this and tells the masseuse over the phone who has now successfully moved Sandy to her bed at home. He instructs her to permanently curb Whistler’s interest in her. Sandy is still out cold. Whistler is shocked, entering the premises of the apartment building when the masseuse kills the building lights and perform fellatio on him. She spits him out in all ways and he finds himself back on the street by the taxi cab. The masseuse heads back to Sandy with Whistler’s semen, captured in a container.

The next morning, the group is watching live surveillance footage of Sandy waking up. All has been positioned so that it looks like she just had a rough night partying. The collective leaves the resort, placing a complete screenplay on the desk for Whistler to read. It has been touched up by the masseuse herself. When whistler wakes up, and realizes that they’re gone, he sees that they have credited himself and Sandy as the writers of the untitled work.

Weeks later, Whistler calls Sandy from his apartment on the day she has to report back to her publisher back on the river bank. He calls and asks to meet her on the bridge where her morning sickness is evident through her vomiting. After a long talk, he offers her ice cream and the peace of mind that her lapse in memory is documented.

Many months go by. Whistler watches the untitled movie for the first time in his apartment bedroom. His new partner Sandy is thinking about homeopathy for their next child. She asks how the screenings are. He says that there’s a good chance for a sequel. A disguised masseuse is already lined up, preparing herself in their bathroom for a midwifery interview unbeknownst to Whistler. The movie plays on. The credits roll featuring the following: “Bellhop – As himself”, “Chef – As himself” “Masseuse – As herself” and “Whistler – Music Supervisor”.

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