Fourth Wall Down

Creator: Juan Mendoza
Age rating: 13 and older
A selected customer of a secretive travel agency forces his travel as he discovers that he is the target of an extra dimensional being. As war between worlds, lures on the horizon two groups of reluctant heroes try to help the customer and on the process save our world.
Synopsis: When Nick Norman, one of the most influential persons on the planet, organizes his latest travel experience with the Inter Dimensional travel agency Parallel Holidays things go horribly wrong. Soon James Porter CEO of the agency discovers that Nick has been contacted by a inter dimensional being who wants him dead calling this event a Fourth Wall Down. In order to stop this from happening he looks for Nick in one of his worlds. Customers are connected to a parallel reality where they are different, with ruling power or without it. The link is made through eleven different universes related somehow to the mind of the customers. To travel between these parallel universes, dodecahedral figures are used to open the doors between worlds. James Porter has been assigned as a doorkeeper of the parallel universes by the Sylvans, a race from another universe and the time to close down the doors has arrived. James is afraid that loosing Nick Norman will result on an escalation from media and corrupted parties who will use the energies and technologies in the agency for their own benefit. If Nick comes back he will help mankind.

Joe Preston, the sales rep for Nick is unaware of all of this until he learns in a dream that if he doesn’t go and help Nick our existence will be in danger. Equipped with cutting edge technology, Joe travels looking for Nick to a parallel universe where he meets two experienced travelers: Robert Harding and Ahef-Wo, a shape shifting elemental. The whole place goes down to chaos and the group of travelers are forced to jump to another parallel universe. Nick has jumped before and the group ends trying to survive.
Meanwhile back on Earth, the communications rep of the agency Vigil Morrison has been possessed by a powerful evil force and attempts to kill Doctor Burton. He is stopped in time by James Porter and Joe’s best friend Ditto. Both discover they have been locked out from the exterior by Vigil and start to monitor the movements of Nick Norman and Joe Preston. At that same time in other part of the building Debbie Harding, aware of what is happening equips herself with weapons and dodecahedron to fix up the mess caused by Nick Norman’s disappearing. Hiding she listens as James makes confess Vigil about what is happening. Vigil reveals that he was contacted by a being of another Universe who wishes to to conquer all parallel universes. Debbie then realizes she is not the only one listening. One of the soldiers, Private Baxter working for James Porter hides as well and when the conversation finishes, Debbie follows her.

Joe, Robert and Ahef survive their ordeal and jump into different parallel universes following Nick, facing him in various occasions but he is reluctant to go back. Instead, Nick wants to run away. The group thinks he has lost his mind and forces him to go back making him defend himself. In the process, Robert and Ahef are almost killed. Robert realizes that he has been followed with an alien tracer so he understands that Nick has to be helped. They travel to another world and after a skirmish with alien soldiers, Joe and Nick jump to a parallel universe of open skies and no ground. While they fall, Joe promises Nick they will figure out a way to stop the menace. Nick agrees but drops his dodecahedron. After trying to retrieve it they get separated and almost killed, surprisingly Nick survives while Joe is saved by Robert and Ahef.

Meanwhile back James and Ditto realize that there is some kind of viral code on the system and someone is retrieving energy from other place. Vigil reveals that those who want to conquer the realities are the ones causing it. After revealing this information Vigil passes out leaving James and Ditto surprised. In other part of the building, Debbie Harding finds that a group of soldiers leaded by Capt. Lappar, her father’s old rival, are going to hunt down Nick as they believe he is working as a tracking device for the inter dimensional creatures. Lappar mentions to the soldiers that they must get rid of Nick and if necessary in the process take out Robert Harding and Joe Preston. Debbie decided to stop the soldiers follows them by hiding in one of the recovery vehicles.

Joe, Ahef and Robert go after Nick. Later two recovering vehicles appear. Inside the vehicles heavily armed soldiers prepare to hunt down Nick. Before Capt. Lappar gives the order he is stopped by Debbie who has been hiding inside the vehicle. Debbie suggests the soldiers to go after Nick, Joe, Robert and Ahef and go to Elementa, Ahef’s world, looking for help before is too late. One of the vehicles arrives where Joe, Robert and Ahef have landed and pick them up. When they reunite things go wrong as a native creature of that parallel universe attacks the vehicle. The attack makes Joe and Debbie fall off the vehicle but Capt.Lappar shoots at them sending them to another parallel universe before the creature swallows them. Once the vehicle is safe, Robert fights with Lappar. They argue for a while but still Lappar shoots Robert and Ahef sending them where Joe and Debbie were sent. Not far from there Nick realizes that he is being hunted down and skilfully gets rid of the soldiers and escapes using the remaining vehicle. He is chased by Capt. Lappar through universes in the retrieving vehicles. Both vehicles arrive to a parallel universe made of only fire and suddenly Capt.Lappar’s vehicle disappears leaving Nick astonished.

In the meantime, stranded in another parallel universe Debbie and Joe reunite with Robert and Ahef. They discover that the code retrieving energy doesn’t allow to double-click, or jump to a further zone within a parallel universe. This creates an imminent and clear danger as in the parallel universe they are, giant cubes fall from the skies in strange formations. The group struggles to survive but soon are rescued by Nick who happily celebrates victory as they are going home, back to earth. The recovery vehicle appears on the 12th face. The travelers once more have to fight for their lives as dragon like creatures attack them but make the way through arriving to an opening where two recovery vehicles wait for them. Soon they realize that the people who are trying to destroy earth and control realities have captured the recovery vehicles. The group gets captured and sent to prison.

Once there the group meets Proteus, Nick’s double. Proteus has become an overlord of the 12th Face and is the one attempting to conquer the universes draining the energy of the realities into him, becoming unstoppable. Proteus grabs the missing information he needs from Nick’s brain using psychic powers, and then drains the energy flowing in Ahef’s blood apparently killing him. Then the group is taken to empty cells where they wait. While the group is away, Proteus grows in mass and size but loses control fainting. In that moment from his cell Robert activates a protocol called “the Mjolnir protocol” and helps the prisoners to escape. The group soon discovers that Capt.Lappar and his group were also captured and together they fight their way out. Proteus awakes growing bigger and faster destroying the building. Making it on time, the travelers escape and run on the city streets while Proteus grows in size to gigantic proportions.

After a full on battle the group of travelers defeat Proteus. After their victory they surrounded by a group of natives of the 12th face which celebrate their freedom from the power of Proteus. From the crowd, the double of Debbie Harding walks in thanking the group and thanking Nick for holding and resisting the power of Proteus for so long.

The group finally returns back to earth where few weeks after Nick Norman uses the agencies’ technology for human kind benefit giving it away for the most needed. Nick accepts his role on changing the world for good and James handles the company to Joe and Debbie while he disappears without trace.

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