Front Page Picture

Creator: Deborah Walters
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
When William's picture appears in the paper, Lester becomes the only one of his group whose picture hasn't appeared. His mama has an empty scrapbook and Lester promises to fill it. No matter how hard he tries he's thwarted until he gets help from the Pope.
Synopsis: When Gladys Baines' son William receives the Nobel Prize in Medicine, his picture is on the front page of the newspaper. When Lester's Mama sees it, she confronts Lester with the fact that he's never been in the paper and all of her friends' sons have been. In order to get Mama to shut up about it, Lester promises to try to get in the paper. Lester's first stop is the library to check out past editions of the newspapers. He soon discovers that unless you are a child, you really don't get into the newspaper for doing anything good. Not to be desuaded by this, Lester still believes that goodness and kindness will be rewarded. When he tries it, the people are anything but receptive. Some are down right nasty. Everyday, Mama opens the paper and searches for Lester's picture. When it isn't there, she wants to know why. Lester decides that he must take drastic measures. He must turn to a life of crime to get the job done. Surveillance cameras always work. Right? Not always. And what are the chances someone else would want to rob the same place.

One by one Lester crosses out possibilities from his list until he is left with two. One rewards the victim with a picture while the other rewards the perpetrator. When the announcement is made that the Pope will visit the city, Lester puts a plan into action guaranteed to land him right on the front page.

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  • Script 2 - Vernon's 1st Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Edited to comply with script guidelines. The story remains the same.
  • Script 1 - Deborah's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Took a group of guys who have been friends since they were young and added a rivalry that is imposed by their mothers. The result is a good man who tries to be bad enough to make the Front Page of the Papers.