Age rating: 17 and older
Kosher is convicted of murder & is released from prison after 1 year when missing evidence resurfaces. He is awarded his own cooking show on tv & meets his dream woman. Life is perfect until people around him start dropping like flies.
Synopsis: Kosher is about a man wrongfully convicted of murder. His attorney gets him out when missing evidence resurfaces. His attorney let's him live with him while he gets back on his feet. Kosher loves to cook and through the assistance of his friend and attorney, Ken, he lands his own cooking show on a New York food channel.
Kosher starts dating and falls in love with his boss, Vanessa. Someone is slowly killing off Kosher's work associates. Because of his previous stint in prison Vanessa starts thinking that Kosher may in fact be the killer.
Kosher has nightmares about the night he was attacked which resulted in one of the attackers getting killed. In the nightmare he is finally able to see something he has subconsciously been blocking out.
The revelation helps lead him to the killer but will it be in time for him to save the woman he loves?

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