Age rating: 13 and older
When perpetual loser and wannabe rock star Alex Gerard is framed for the murder of a famous actress by her rapper/former-child-star boyfriend, he goes on the run with the starlet's maid to clear his name.
Synopsis: Alex Gerard just can't catch a break. He's the best guitarist in L.A., but a long streak of bad luck has left him far away from his dream of being a heavy metal star, in a crappy job and fired from his latest band. But things get better for him when a case of mistaken identity helps in into the bedroom of Kemesha Owens, the hot singer/actress who's been embroiled in a nasty criminal investigation into her the activities of her boyfriend, rapper and former child star "Zippy-D."

But his good luck only lasts one night, as he wakes up next to a murdered Kemesha, and the house surrounded by the cops. With the help of Kemesha's maid, Fabiola, he escapes and they figure out that the starlet was murdered by Zippy. To complicate matters, Zippy has sent a bounty hunter to capture Alex. Together, Alex and Fabiola have to keep from being caught and find the evidence they need to prove Zippy was the real murderer.

Everything comes to a head at a big awards show, where Alex not only proves his innocence, but is able to show off his amazing guitar chops on international TV and live his dream.

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