Almost Heaven

Creator: Trey Haynes
Age rating: Everyone
A man who lives an almost sin free life for all the riches in heaven, dies and learns he is not on St. Peter's list. He finds himself back on earth and has a second chance of living life. And even bigger chance to screw things up.
Synopsis: “Almost Heaven” is family comedy about a naive young man who teaches at a Catholic boy’s home, dies and goes to heaven, eager to reap the rewards for all the good deeds he has done. He is rejected at the gate by St. Peter and even spends a short time in Hell, scoffing at the notion of him staying. He gets a second chance and decides to live to the fullest, starting with pranks with the seventh graders and graduating up to the teens to drink beer and talk about girls. He begins to neglect his duties as he graduates up to the adults, even hanging out at a biker bar and trying to get the group out to toilet paper houses. It’s only when he ditches the kids and hangs out with the adults that he is set up to steal from the church and boy's home. He will find himself on the run from the law and then a second chance at Heaven and its rewards but will have a different attitude of what is important in life with the help of an angel he falls in love with.

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