Creator: charley rice
Age rating: 13 and older
Sometimes drugs are accidently tested on people. Furthermore it will have a collision course on Jamal, and his down and out luck is about to change by a dragon tattoo, which will prepare him for his ultimate challenge.
Synopsis: A lonely and nerdy guy named Jamal, who had all the bad luck in the world, especially with the women until he goes into a tattoo salon and discovers the government test drug CD479 was accidently tattooed on his body as a dragon.

Now he becomes an experimental "guinea pig" for the government and becomes government property.

Consequently, the agents want their drug CD479 back, which is now inside Jamal's blood stream which turns him into a dangerous hit man with the instincts to kill anyone who gets in his way.

Jamal will have to rebel against the agents to save the life of a woman who has fallen for him.

Now his powers of the dragon tattoo will evolve him into the next super hero of tomorrow.

"Our fate lies in his hands."

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