Moving Blues

Creator: Dawn Joy Marks
Age rating: 17 and older
2 sisters relocate from New Orleans back to their Alabama hometown. After a chaotic moving experience, they discover that the imagined utopia they call "home" has changed as much as they have.
Synopsis: A comedy about two sisters, Suzie, a hairdresser and Martha, a nurse. Originally from a small town in Alabama, they have been living in New Orleans, Louisiana for a few years. But their life isn't going as planned, and they become homesick for their hometown.

First they argue about what to hold on to and what to let go of. Hiring a Moving company is their next obstacle as they try to find the least expensive service. But they soon discover that there is a good reason why the company they choose has the lowest prices in town.

After a chaotic relocation experience with their moving company, the sisters finally reach their new destination. While settling in, a series of events take place which convince them that their memories of their old hometown are completely different from the current way of life there. They discover that they can't escape from the things they fear, and their illusion of small town values is shattered.

So, if people are the same wherever you go, why not "let the good times roll" in the place their heart gravitates to? The sisters move back to New Orleans, to the same home they left behind; after hiring the same Moving company, of course. All involved come together full circle, with a new perspective on life and a happy ending for everyone.

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