Age rating: Everyone
What would you do if you woke up one day and had wings? An 11-year old boy and his parents set out on an adventure to find out the truth behind his wings. The journey takes him beneath the earth's surface to a fantasy world where magic and super powers are real.
Synopsis: There are creatures and legends that reside below us, far underneath the earth, in a timeless place called the Undermiddle. The Judge of the Undermiddle predicts a birth of the heir to be the next Judge. The prophecy comes true when twins are born and the Undermiddle plunges into civil war. Two ancient Stewards, steal the two siblings and hide them in the real world.

Daniel is lost on the way, but Matthew is hidden in the home of Cathy and Robert Dennis, who know nothing of their adopted son’s destiny. The ancient Stewards, Babs and Bartholomew, weave themselves into their lives. Matthew has a normal life, until his eleventh birthday. On his eleventh birthday two enormous wings, white as snow, sprout from his back. The prophecy is revealed and they must race to the Undermiddle.

Just as they are about to depart, Daniel's captor, Odin arrives with Daniel in tow to destroy Matthew. Only now, Daniel has a large menacing scorpion tail. A race for good and evil begins. The journey takes them to the place where magic and super powers are real and to a land where a boy could be king.

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