Age rating: Everyone
There are two sides to every story, sometimes three or four. A charismatic con-‚Äčartist recruits three bumbling criminals for the heist of the century with the intent of implicating them in the crime, but they unwittingly screw up all of his plans.
Synopsis: Jigsaw is a high-concept but simple story told through the eyes of four criminals nicknamed after the Marx brothers. Their brilliant scheme is to go into a warehouse that stores valuable museum artifacts and come out with several key paintings. Each of the four is given a separate task in the heist, and they tell their stories. Things are not as they seem as the events change perspective by who is telling the story.

Zeppo the charismatic mastermind recruits three petty criminals; a con-man, a driver and a breaking and entering man. He easily convinces them to go along with the plan as each of them dreams of a big heist with one big payout.

Groucho, the straight-laced cynic of the group, is apposed to the idea at first, but is soon convinced to go along. His job is to keep the security guard busy, while the other three attend to their duties. Dressed as a pizza-delivery man he finds the task much more daunting when he learns the security guard is a huge behemoth. With chloroform in hand, he takes control by riding the giant through cubicle walls and computer tables till he finds himself safely underneath the sleeping security guard.

Chico, the hopeful gambler, sees this job as the ultimate get rich quick scheme. He is the driver and the lookout. Things don't start out well when the four of them, crammed into the front seat of a U-Haul get pulled over by a cop. He weasels his way through it and they are back on their way. While on the lookout he has a few problems with his radio headset and a sour stomach. He solves the problem in time to save a flatter Groucho from underneath the security guard. A police cruiser pulls up and they quickly change shirts with the security guard to meet him at the door. It turns out to be the same cop that pulled them over earlier, and even though he recognizes Groucho, he doesn't remember from where. Chico hides behind the door to help Groucho through the encounter and the cop goes on his way.

Harpo, a quiet klutz, begins his side of events. His job is to make it inside and disarm the security system. He gets to the roof to find a sleeping bum. Zeppo comes to the rescue just in time with a carefully placed trash bin, so Harpo tosses the bum over the roof and into the bin safely. Then, while attempting to rig the repelling gear he falls through the roof and comes to a halt dangling by ropes halfway to the ground. With some effort, he makes his way to the ground and over to three identical power boxes. By trial and error he shocks himself repeatedly trying to find the right one to disarm the system. He succeeds but manages to start a fire prematurely in the warehouse.

Zeppo, the charismatic mastermind thought to be dead, tells his story from the safety of an exotic island paradise. He tells of how he and his girlfriend, Margaret, had planned from the start for the bumbling three to provide the distraction they needed to get away with millions. But nothing goes as expected. Unwittingly, the three seem to cause problems for Zeppo as their mistakes get in the way of his plans. Zeppo, in an attempt to get out of the building, subsequently ruins each painting one by one. He ruins one by falling in the mess of Chico's sour stomach, several more when he carries them out in a trash bin that Harpo mistakes as a landing pad, and the rest when the building erupts in flames too early. He gets away with one valuable masterpiece, but soon finds himself betrayed in turn by the woman he loves as he is stranded without her, the paintings or any anyone to turn to.

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