Braxton Hicks

Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
Shane Henson is having pains. With a brand new wife and a baby on the way he is quickly realizing that youth is slipping away, so he recruits his two best friends to get in as much “man time” as possible before the baby arrives. Is there fun after marriage?
Synopsis: Within the frame of his wife's pregnancy, Shane seems to mimic his wife's symptoms.

1st Trimester: Depression, Nausea, Weight Gain. On his wedding night to Sandy, Shane pukes behind a dumpster. Shane is conflicted. On one hand he is very happy to be married to the woman of his dreams. On the other, he's worried that, with a baby on the way and a new bride that he will have to grow up. Shane isn't quite ready to let go of his childhood and take on a man's responsibilities. After all, he's seen his best friend Max and his brother Jake get married and settle down and they don't seem to have any fun. Sandy and Shane decide that he needs to purge the adventure from his veins and he sets out to get in as much “fun” as possible before his baby is born. The next day, Shane, feeling fat, drags Max and Jake to the gym. The guys go along with Shane as he proceeds to plan out a blueprint to adventure, but aren't too cooperative when it comes to the disastrous field trip at the gym.

2nd Trimester: Mood Swings, Feelings of Inadequacy, Dental Problems, Increased Energy, Forgetfulness. Shane is convinced that female and male roles are slowly switching.  This isn't more evident than in his friend's lives; Jan works, Max stays home, Kate is tough, Jake is sensitive, all in all, he's not fond of the changes. This hits him hard when Sandy saves him from a mugger, and the reality that women are the stronger sex just doesn't sit well with him. He takes the guys to Mexico for a men's weekend, only to find themselves locked away in a Mexican jail waiting for the women once again to come to the rescue.

3rd Trimester: Anxiety, Nostalgic, Aches and Pains, Sleeplessness. Max and Jake, trying to cheer Shane up, take him to meet their childhood fantasy, Wonder Woman herself Linda Carter at a book signing and end up standing in line with groups of children waiting for a free copy of the children's book she wrote. In the meantime, all the girls, Sandy, Jan and Kate try to cook up a fancy meal. Everything hits the fan when the boys come home to a disaster of catastrophic proportions. Sandy goes into labor and everyone scrambles to the hospital in time to deliver the bouncing baby boy. The moment of truth arrives, when Shane holds his baby for the first time, and it changes him forever. He doesn't change into a man, just a father, and that is enough to make him feel comfortable with his place among his family.

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