At dinner with my wife

Creator: Daniela Zeffiro
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
Clarisse and Martin are a perfect couple. Married for 20. He theater critic and brawling with the ambition to write the comedy of the year, her publisher in New York success. At one point Martin happens to the usual crises of 50 years.
Synopsis: Clarisse and Martin have been married for 20 years. They have a son, Nicholas who is studying in Italy. He is a fighter theater critic, hated by producers and actors and the ambition to write the play that will really see how you write to the authors who crushes. To write decides to go to England, he is English by birth. Guests in the cottage of his lawyer friend Max, to Oxford in search of inspiration meets a young actress and her ego grows in intensity, but did not come to terms with himself and his lack of experience in betrayal. You will find everyone, friends, lovers, wives in Venice (Italy) in situations of misunderstandings, lies, and reconciliations wanted by Clarisse in all this confusion expects it deflates. After all she knows her husband, the other a little less ...

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