Hot Tomato

Creator: Noah Welsh
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
Chris is a movie nerd living in rural Indiana and facing the daily struggles of high school. Things get complicated when, for the first time, he falls for a girl. Chris can't go after her without help from his friends, who are all occupied with their own problems at home.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: CHRIS LAWRENCE has a comfortable life. He engrosses himself in movies and spends his time with best friends DANNY, JIMMY, and ERIC. On their last free weekend before high school starts, the boys go to see a slasher movie at the local theater. There they are greeted by KARMEN, a beautiful girl who can have her pick of any boy. When he finds out that she shares his love of horror films, Chris falls for her. Hard. This just adds to the pressure of his first day of high school. His friends are already betting on how long it will take for him to get beat up. Sure enough, on his first day, Chris overhears a secret about alpha senior GARRET BRANDLESON. The star jock can't get it up. Under threat of his life, Chris has to keep this a secret. It doesn't take long for Jimmy to find out, however, and with an act of insanity, he lets the whole school know. Now Garret is on Chris' trail and knows exactly how to stand in his way. He's going after Karmen.

When Chris sees her kissing Garret in front of the entire cafeteria, Chris confronts Karmen and calls her a few choice words that he can't ever take back. He begins to question the loyalty of his friends and wonder if the real world really is better than the movies he loves so much. Meanwhile, Jimmy is dealing with problems of his own at home. He has to share a room with his pothead older brother, TONY. Sick of being humiliated and kicked out his own room, Jimmy does the unthinkable: he steals the keys to his brother's Camaro and picks up the other boys for a joy ride. Things don't go as planned when the car runs out of gas, forcing them to call their parents and face the music. The boys are succinctly grounded, barring Chris from the only place where he could possibly apologize to Karmen, her Halloween party.

At school, Karmen tells Chris that he'll never get what he wants if he doesn't grow a pair and ask. Her kiss is a final boost for Chris, who immediately consults his friends on a way to sneak out of the house. Together, the four of them make their way to Karmen's party. Just as Chris finds the confidence to approach her, Garret shows up. The four boys group together to take on their senior doppelgangers and finally win Chris his shot at making things right with Karmen. It is enough to show Chris and his friends that family isn't always about blood.

Latest Work

  • Script 2 - Noah's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This draft of Hot Tomato is focused on developing the characters of Karmen and Garret further, as well as putting the action in more interesting environments and creating a more structured story.

All Work

  • Script 1 - Noah's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is the version of the story presented as a thesis screenplay to the Dramatic Writing department at New York University. It is the culmination of nearly four years of revision.