Tequila Love

Creator: Ronald Cantu
Age rating: 13 and older
A lonely Special ops soldier drowns his broken heart in tequila until he meets a new love South of the Border. But when the most notorious Mexican drug cartel wants his new love dead, against all odds, he single-handedly goes into battle with them to save her.
Synopsis: Think, “Along Came Polly” starring “Jason Bourne” in this Award Winning Romantic Comedy about MICHAEL, an Ex Green Beret Soldier, who meets his dream girl, ANNIE in a drunken tequila stupor, and asks her to marry him. They have a wedding ceremony on top of the Grand Canyon. Only Annie has a sudden change of heart and rides off in her horse drawn carriage like Cinderella on crack. As a result Michael starts having these severe anxiety attacks and convinces his best friend, ETHAN, who is a licensed therapist, albeit only practicing psych-evaluations for insurance fraud, to help him. Ethan’s bumbling attempts to help Michael with his obsession fall short. The only thing that really helps Michael is random acts of violence. Desperate, to help Michael before he kills someone Ethan suggests Michael find a new girlfriend. Michael takes Ethan’s words to heart and meets Isabella, the perfect girl. Only Isabella lives in Mexico just across the border.

So Ethan and Michael take a crazy road trip, along the way encountering a few mishaps including a near death experience with a crazed mountain lion and finally landing on the front door steps of Isabella’s Hacienda. It’s love at first sight for Michael. Unfortunately Isabella has other ideas as she believes Michael assisted the Sonistan Drug Cartel in murdering her father and wants to poison him with her chicken mole. She has a sudden change of heart when she falls for Michael. At that same moment, Annie his former fiancé shows up and asks Michael to take her back. To complicate matters, ARMANDO, the Sonistan Drug Cartel Leader comes to take Isabella’s Hacienda by force. An ensuing battle of epic proportions is just what the doctor ordered for Michael who goes into assassin mode, fighting off the most notorious drug cartel in all of Mexico, knowing he must win or risk losing all that he loves.

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