Creator: Eric McClane
Age rating: 17 and older
January 17, 1946… Occupation troops, sent to wipe out a Nazi resistance on the Allied-Soviet border, find themselves a target of an alien beast.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: It is the beginning of the Cold War and U.S.-Soviet relations are strained. A Nazi resistance, left over from Goebbels’ Operation Wehrwolf, is suspected of hiding on the Allied-Soviet border in an unassuming farmhouse. Not chancing an escalation with the Soviets, a U.S. Ranger team covertly drops behind enemy lines to wipe out the Nazi resistance.

Lead by Captain Newhaus, Sergeant McNeil and a squad of Rangers move in on the target. After taking it with unbelievable ease, they realize why… hell has already been unleashed. The only sign of a Nazi resistance are the rotting corpses left behind by something fierce.

Pressing on, they discover that beneath the farmhouse is a fortified subterranean base. As they descend into the structure, something huge begins to take them out with precision commando-like strikes. While fighting to stay alive, they discover the alien ship deconstructed in a test facility and find out the truth about the mission.

They are pawns, used to find alien technology that the Office of Strategic Services so desperately wants to possess… A technology that the Nazis were trying to reverse engineer to create a propulsion system that would crush the Allies… A technology that must not fall in the hands of the Soviets or the Cold War will be lost.

Running out of time, the surviving soldiers must find a way to kill the alien beast and call off an airstrike that will level the base.

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