The Keeper Project

Age rating: Everyone
A brilliant geneticist secretly creates a clone of his dying daughter to perform a life-saving transplant before an international ethics board – and the failed experiments of his past – threaten to expose and destroy him.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Set in the year 2027… DR. ABRAHAM KEEPER (50s) is a brilliant geneticist working to solve the riddle of human cloning. For him, it is more than a job; his daughter ABIGAIL (11) suffers from leukemia, and he struggles to replicate the bone marrow needed for the transplant that could save her life.

But he comes under the censure of CHAIRMAN TRENTON, his former friend and colleague who now heads an international ethics committee. Trenton thinks Keeper is going too far and vows to put a stop to his macabre experiments.

Keeper is secretly growing an illegal clone of his daughter – “Subject 27.” He pulls Abigail out of chemotherapy with the intention of harvesting the clone for tissue and performing the transplant operation before Trenton is the wiser.

He gets some unexpected help from VERONICA DUPONT (25), an ambitious young scientist who thinks Keeper is a genius, though she has been assigned by the company to quietly spy on him.

As Keeper closes in on his goal, he’s jarred by the unexpected re-appearance of ERICA BLUE (25), a failed early experiment who used to live with her clone “siblings” – other cast-off results of Keeper’s prior experiments. Erica wants nothing more than to expose Keeper, vindicating herself and the other clones who are now a disfigured and forgotten breed.

With Veronica’s help, Keeper makes the breakthroughs he needs to save Abigail’s life. They are right on the edge of success. But his wife reveals a shocking secret that, with the Chairman closing in, shakes Veronica’s faith in Keeper, and jeopardizes all of their lives…

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